Happy Father’s Day

“Father’s be good to your daughters. Daughters will love like you do.” – John Mayer

Good morning to you all! I hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day yesterday. Did you tell all those dads how great they ย are? I for one did. My dad is amazing. He has taken care of me, and pushed me to be my best. He has given me so many lessons over the years, and I honestly don’t know who or where I would be without him. Even when I didn’t always want the lessons, my dad knew best and taught me anyway. And now, those moments are some of my fondest memories, some of the moments I am most proud of. So thank you, Dad, for being my rock, my support system, my teammate.

Last weekend I had the chance to be a part of one of my best friend’s weddings in Rapid City, South Dakota. Paige and Matt, I am so thankful to know you both, and so happy for you! The wedding was beautiful, and I hope the rest of your life together is just as amazing. You two were definitely meant to be together ๐Ÿ™‚

This week I have plenty of songwriting to catch up on, as well as some new co-writes possibly coming your way. Co-writing is always an interesting and exciting experience. You never quite know what is going to come out of it, and as the old adage says, two heads is better than one. Hopefully the session this week will be as good as past ones have been, and I will have a new song up for you soon.

What are your plans this week? Is anyone else in shock that June is already half over? Summer weather has definitely hit us here in Nashville. I guess I better get ready for it, and quickly! Somehow I think it’s going to get worse/hotter before it gets better.

Until next week-

Jessica ๐Ÿ™‚