What You Wish Is What Becomes

Good morning everyone!

This weekends gig got rained out, sorry for all of you that were ready and pumped to come out! Stoopid Kool has rescheduled for Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day) so don’t miss it! 3-7pm.

The rain this weekend has been almost non-stop here in Nashville. Though I would consider us lucky. After speaking to my parents, they got a few feet of snow in Wyoming! You never know what this crazy weather is going to do. It’s as unpredictable as anything in life. Really, the only constant is change!

The rainy weekends might make it harder to do things outdoors, but it does allow for a bit more time indoors with my favorite keyboard and songwriting notebook. Have any of the rest of you experienced something this weekend that you love to do, but sometimes are too busy for? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Music is the one thing that connects us all, that is truly a universal language. (I know some people will argue Math is the universal language, but any musician out there who can read music can tell you how much math is involved in music too!) Music is everywhere around us. It can bring us together, it can tear us apart. It can help us travel back in time, and travel to a future time.

So this week, think about your favorite kind of music. Think of how much life you give to it, as well as how much life it gives to you. And let’s all be thankful music exists, not only physically, but in our very souls.

Until next week-

Jessica 🙂